I have an Excel table with some cells that are numbers and some cells that are strings. I want a function that can add search through the table, and if the cell is a number, add it(+) and if it's a string, ignore it.

I know how to do this easily in say C# but how do I do this in Excel?

This is what I want the equivelant of:

object[] celldata = new object[] {"blabla",2,3,"blabla",3,"blabla"}

int additioncell;

foreach(object cells in celldata)
    additionalcell += (int) cells;

How do I convert this into an Excel function?


The sum() function should work. It will ignore the strings.

Additionally, you can use isnumber() and istext() to check if a cell is a number or text.


Right click on the cells in question and create a custom format.enter image description here

  • Keep in mind that formatting this way, in general, may affect cell values in VBA. If I were to make a custom type like "derp"@, then my Range(Address).Value would look at the unformatted value. To get the formatted value, you would use Range(Address).Text.
    – Zairja
    Aug 2 '12 at 19:26

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