I'm making a .cab with makecab.exe /F but in my DDF file I'm referencing a directory that has a space in it.

.Set DestinationDir = site_event_templateListInstances\Files\Lists\RSVP List\

However, makecab doesn't recognise the space ad thinks the directory ends there. How can I make this work? I've tried quotations, but that doesn't work apparently.

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use the alternate short path

run cmd

cd "site_event_templateListInstances\Files\Lists\RSVP List\" 

you'll see the cmd promt gets decorated with the 8.3 alternative version of the requiered path; use that path


In my experience, makecab.exe has not a problem with spaces in folder names of .Set-Lines, but with the files in those folders; so .Set DestinationDir = site_event_templateListInstances\Files\Lists\RSVP List\ will not cause a problem, but the line(s) site_event_templateListInstances\Files\Lists\RSVP List\example.txt will.

For me, putting quotes around those line(s) worked: "site_event_templateListInstances\Files\Lists\RSVP List\example.txt"

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