I would like to back up an entire SD card into a single file on Windows 7. This SD card contains an two ext3 partition which don't appear as a letter drive on Windows.

I've tried Win32 Disk Imager, which seems to have a read option, but needs a letter (F:, G:, ...) to select the SD card drive.

Essentially, I'm after the Windows equivalent of this Linux command:

dd if=/dev/path/to/disk/device of=sdcard.img bs=1M

Is there any way to do this directly under Windows?

It would also be better if the resulting image was in a format that could be restore via dd, if copied onto a Linux machine.

(Although I'd prefer a single file for the who drive, a file per partition would also be fine.)


If win32 disk imager just needs a drive letter so it knows which raw device to access, then you can give a drive letter to the SDcard partitions by installing a driver for ext2 FS under windows.

Personally I would just put it in a unix host (either real, in a VM or via a liveCD) because it is the way of least resistance and it is most likely to work.

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