Other than Microsoft Office is there any other Software Package available for Windows that is completely free and can also open .docx, .pptx, .xlsx etc... file formats?

  • Use LibreOffice as mentioned below..... the best part is it's free!! – slafat01 Aug 3 '12 at 18:37

The two main options are:

  1. OpenOffice, previously from Sun/Oracle and now under the wings of the Apache Fundation,
  2. and LibreOffice, the main fork from the previous one.

Both are similar and can open the Microsoft Office suite documents with most, but not all unfortunately, functionality and layout preserved.

Other options include:

  • Google Documents, but your files are then stored online,
  • AbiWord but only as a text processor (for .docx documents)
  • Gnumeric but only as a spreadsheet editor (for .xlsx documents)

You should know that the alternatives have lower document fidelity than the real thing but LibreOffice and OpenOffice are capable of opening such files for quite some time now.

Consider using open formats and spreading the word.

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