In Nautilus, I accidentally delete several directories on a partition (unfortunately, I deleted them in a way such that they don't remain in Trash). I haven't write any new data to that partition yet. I wonder what ways are the best to recover them? Solutions in Ubuntu will be preferred although not the only ones. Thanks!

The partition is NTFS, shared between Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.


I've done this before. Not a nice situation to be in. Your files are PROBABLY still there provided you didn't continue to write files on your system. When a file deletes, small made is made on the harddisk to remove it. There are applications out there to help undelete these files.


Hope this helps. I had to do this once. Not a bad until to keep on your system. This isn't the only tool that can buy to do this. There are many others. I think this tool should do it. Read it over...

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