I have often to open CSV files in Excel (14.0.6112.5000; Office 2010). The data is filled well in the columns, but the DateTime values exceed the default column with and are display as ######. So I have to manually change this width. Further I would like to have to freeze the window at row/colum C2.

Is there a way to do this when opening a CSV automatically or have a script that can be activated by a button?


You could do this by recording a macro. So choose the Developer tab, and Record Macro.

Then do the sequence Ctrl-AAlt-Hoi

This selects all, goes to the Home tab, format, and autofit columns

And stop recording the macro. You can then save the macro, and give it a shortcut key to activate it when you want.

You could also carry out the freeze panes for the top row this way also.

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