I recently used disk utility in my mac book pro to format my 8 GB pen drive to install OS X. After that I formatted my pen drive from disk utility as FAT32 so that I would be able to use it in windows. But in windows the pen drive does not show up. When I right click on my computer and click manage and then disk management, the pen drive is listed there, but it doesn't show up in the explorer and I cant use it. I tried to do many things but I'm still not being able to use it in windows though I can use it in Mac OS X. Could anyone help? Thanks.

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In Windows, in Disk Management, right-click any of the partitions on the drive and click "Delete Partition". Make sure you do this for any partition on the drive until they all are gone. Then right-click and click "Create Partition". Create a FAT32 partition and make it fill the whole space.

Now your flash drive (thumb drive or whatever you call it) can be used on any computer.


I use MacDrive 7. it's not free though. There are a few free ones on the web. Google for "HFS+ Explorer"


Windows is very fussy about partitioning, and what it expects. I have always found it better on the Mac, to just partition it as a single Fat16 partition. Fat32 vs Fat16 for a 8 Gb drive is not going to be that much of a significant difference.

Then, if you want to reformat it as a Fat32 partition when it's visible on the Windows side, go ahead.


Have you tried assigning a drive letter in Disk Management?

You can use this tutorial to see how to do that. Just click "Add..." in stead of "Change..." in figure 3.


use Disk Management to delete all partitions, then create a new partition and format with FAT32.


Use HFS Explorer to show your HFS partition in Windows.

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