I'm using chrome browser(latest version) on windows 7 in office and on Ubuntu 12.04 in home. I have just installed it in ubuntu. All the bookmarks have been synced. But none of the extensions has been synced in home's browser. I enabled the option 'Sync Everything'. But still the problem exists.

What should I do to sync the extensions too?

  • I am getting this in the latest Arch Linux and Chrome package. Just putting this here to say it is a present day issue for me, since this is from 2012. Nov 19, 2018 at 20:25

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Give it some time. As far as I remember when I first tried the sync feature, It took around 15 minutes and then the new extensions magically appeared.


The issue is known: Issue 170107

The solution is to go to Extensions, enable Developer mode and press Update extensions now. That will immediately pull all the extensions for your account.


First time is always slow because its getting all your bookmarks plus the extensions. Next few times will be super fast.


Inside C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc just edit the file hosts type will be file and just remove the line clients2.google.com and run save the and run chrome again and inside extensions click on update.

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