In ubuntu 12.04, PrtScn key captures the screen and opens a dialog to give a location for saving it as an image file. But in windows, after pressing PrtScn we need to run some other application like Paint to paste the capture and save. Is there any way to work like Ubuntu?


To make windows 7 Print Screen functionality work just like the Ubuntu Print Screen, you need to have just like Ubuntu has, a background process to deal with the click on that key.

I use FastStone Capture 5.3.

I've selected the "To File" option, so every time I press PrtScn, a save dialog popups up just like on Ubuntu.

From the Tray icon:

  1. Right Click Over the Tray Icon;
  2. Access "Output";
  3. Select the desirable output to use when you hit PrtScn.

From the Tool Bar:

  1. Click over "Output Icon";

  2. Select the desirable output to use when you hit PrtScn.

    enter image description here

Additionally, you can set it to "auto save", and you don't even have to use the save dialog.

This tool comes with lots of features that really some lots of trouble when it comes to print-screen.


Check the application homepage at faststone.org.

Check the application tutorial.


Not in Windows since print screen is not an application per se, it is a function/command. You need to use an application and as a work around since you're using W7, can you use the Snipping Tool?

You can pin it to your taskbar as well!

There is also free applications to help: http://www.etrusoft.com/download.htm

  • Currently I'm using snipping tool only to take screenshots in W7. As Ubuntu makes it simple, I'm just expecting any possible ways in W7. – arulappan Aug 9 '12 at 10:15

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