I created a macro in Notepad++ that cleans up imported data through a series of regex search and replace iterations. This works well, but at each step, I get a popup telling me how many instances were replaced. This means I have to press Enter several times for the macro to run to completion, which is annoying.

Is there any way to turn off these popup notifications while the macro is running? I haven't been able to find any setting in the application preferences that controls this.

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    As of NP++ 6.5.2, the popup has been replaced by a status bar in the Search/Replace dialog.
    – Lev
    Jan 8, 2014 at 15:49

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There is no way to do this in official code. However, if you can apply a patch and compile from source, then you can try the Adjustable Feedback mode patch, available here. You might also be interested to contribute to the discussion about that topic here.


If you wanted to patch notepad++

Modify line 932 of ./PowerEditor/src/ScitillaComponent/FindReplaceDlg.cpp

::MessageBox(_hParent, result.c_str(), TEXT("Replace All"), MB_OK);

You would want to add

if !(isMacroPlaying) ::MessageBox(_hParent, result.c_str(), TEXT("Replace All"), MB_OK);

But at this time there is no isMacroPlaying.

The generic MessageBox does not have a handler "message" id to interact with during macro play.

  • although the adjustable feedback patch is large it is your best bet.
    – shadowbq
    Aug 10, 2012 at 19:00

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