Is there any disk utility like mac for Linux? from where I can create partition (HFS+) based and can copy a dmg image to my usb?

I am using Linux-mint 13, if such utility is available for any other distro I can use that too.

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I believe what you're looking for is Palimpsest Disk Utility (though it's usually only called Disk Utility). You should already have it installed; if not, try installing gnome-disk-utility.

GNOME Disk Utility

(This screenshot lifted from Ubuntu 12.04. Yours will be a bit more green...)


In Linux and possibly other Unix flavors, most .dmg files can be burned to CD/DVD using the program cdrecord or directly mounted to a mountpoint (e.g. mount -o loop,ro -t hfsplus imagefile.dmg /mnt/mountpoint). – Wikipedia

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