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what is the difference between the usb booting mechanism and optical disk booting mechanism?

I have an iso file. I burned it to a DVD now I can boot using that DVD but when I burned that iso image to a usb it not booting at all from the usb.

Why same image is bootable from DVD and not from USB, what I need to do to make it bootable-usb of the same iso image?

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  • Have you enabled booting from USB in your bios? How did you "burn" the image to a usb? – Ankur Aug 11 '12 at 0:22

It depends on what you're trying to boot. If you're trying to boot something that's Linux, UNetBootin is great. For Windows 7, give the official Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool a whirl.

As the question sawdust linked explains, you will need some kind of boot loader for images 'burned' to a USB drive. Both these utilities will take care of that. (Anyone know of a solution for pre-Vista installs?)

  • I think UNetBootin works for anything, not just linux. It includes an automatic download feature for some linux distros, which probably confuses people as the GUI is a bit vague. – jiggunjer Dec 30 '15 at 3:14

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