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delete first 27 characters from every line notepad++

I managed to find an answer to remove the last character from every line in Notepad++, but now I need the same solution for the first character on every line.

This is the solution to the last character: remove last character

If someone could let me know how to remove the first, using this method, I would appreciate it please.

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This is what I came up with.

Find What: ^.?(.*)

Replace with: \1

Search Mode Regular expression

the answer


I realize this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but one way to remove the first character from every line is to use the ALT-mouse drag to select the first column of text.

In case you haven't discovered this feature yet, here's how:

  • Move to the top of the text, in front of the first character.
  • Press and hold down ALT
  • Click and hold down mouse button and select the first character of every line, and release.
  • Press the DELETE key.

(Probably need word-wrapping off.)

  • Wow, didn't know that Josh. Thanks! I do however want to create a series of Macros because I will be getting more and more of these CSV files in that I need to remove the first character of and some of them have thousands of lines :) – SixfootJames Aug 15 '12 at 15:15
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