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How do I upgrade to Snow Leopard without a CD drive?

I am the proud owner of a new mac mini, however!

I may have been sold a pup as the previous owner has overwritten the osx software with windows. My question is, how do I re-install the mac software, as I have no drive.

Note. I do have a windows laptop and a snow leopard install disc.

Any help appreciated.

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You have a few options to reinstall OS X:

  • Get an external DVD drive and reinstall using your install disc - you can follow the instructions in the SU answer, which was derived from this Apple manual
  • Reinstall from a USB drive - there are more detailed instructions on this article, but you'll need a 8+ GB USB drive to load the Snow Leopard install files
  • Remote install from another PC or Mac - more detailed instructions are contained within these two Apple KBs (one and two).

Since you already have an install disc, getting an external DVD drive and reinstalling using the Snow Leopard install disc is likely to be the easiest method.

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