I'm getting this message on almost every file I open with Photoshop CS6 (I had CS5.5 and this never happened).

Besides not being sure if any one of the options could screw up my file, which worries me a little bit, what is really lacking here is a "don't ask again" checkbox. It's becoming maddening, especially considering I do batch processing and it asks this for every file. what can I do?

Missing Profile Screenshot

Missing Profile

The RGB document "X" has a file format that does not support embedded color profiles. What would you like to do?

  • Leave as is (don't color manage)
  • Assign working RGB: ___
  • Assign Profile: ___
    • [ ] and then convert document to working RGB


Edit > Color Settings. uncheck the "Ask When Opening" checkboxes at the bottom, in Color Management Policies.

Color Settings

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