At Keyboard shortcut to quickly jump to the URL address field in Firefox James Burton asked about the keyboard shortcut for jumping to the location bar.

This is very handy; however very often I don't want to type a whole new adress but add something to the url I'm on. Currently I press Ctrl+L or Alt+D and then have to press the right arrow.

Apparently this was the initial way of dealing with the keyboard-shortcut; but considered a bug (rightly so).

So, how could I define a keyboard shortcut to go to the address bar without selecting all text?

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There is no shortcut for this yet if I know correctly but you can do it by using AutoHotKey script very easily. First download the AHK for Windows and install it then run the following script.

SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx  

#IfWinActive, - Mozilla Firefox$

^m::Send ^l{End}

Here Ctrl+M will focus to the address bar without selecting url.

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