In Chrome, if I want to duplicate the current page in a new tab, I highlight the address bar and click Alt+Enter. What's the equivalent keyboard shortcut for Firefox?

I'm currently on a Mac with Firefox 14.0.1. I will test on Windows and Ubuntu later to see if it works there.

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    Opt-Return (i.e. Alt-Enter in Mac terminology) works like a charm on OS X Mountain Lion with Firefox 12.
    – Daniel Beck
    Commented Aug 20, 2012 at 16:21

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Using Alt+Enter on my Firefox install (v14.01) works exactly the same as it does in Chrome. Perhaps you need to upgrade to the latest version.


The same shortcut works on the Firefox 13 and according to my information it will work on older versions as well. Just highlight the address bar and then press Alt+Enter and you will get the dupe tab of the current one.

Also there is an extension available for this for Firefox which can open the duplicate tab.

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