I have a problem with a dual boot win7/linux system.

Every time I boot in Linux, and then boot into win7, I have the annoying problem of windows 7 running a check disk.

Initially I dismissed it as user error, but since switching from a Ubuntu dual setup to a Fedora dual setup and I have the exact same problem: Every time I exit Linux and reboot into Windows 7 it runs a CHDSK. Now is Fedora perhaps changing a part of the drive that windows expects to remain the same? If I could track it down it may help others in the same situation.

  1. Let the CHKDSK operation finish
  2. CHKDSK will reboot the machine
  3. Boot into Windows 7
  4. Cleanly reboot the system from within Windows 7
  5. Boot into Linux
  6. Cleanly reboot the system from within Linux
  7. Boot into Windows 7

CHKDSK should not run at this point.

Be aware that if you are mounting your Windows partition from within Linux, you need be sure to unmount it when you're finished using it. CHKDSK may be kicking off as a result of improperly shutting down Ubuntu while your Windows partition is mounted (and/or in use).

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