When I click on an itpc link in Firefox, e.g.


it brings focus to iTunes but doesn't change what's displayed there. Does anyone know what's going on?

I found these related pages, and something I did brought me closer (getting iTunes to open at all), but I still can't get iTunes to open the URL.


I went into "Tools > Options > Applications" and searched for "itms", and selected "Use iTunes (default)". I now see the expected behavior, that is, I subscribe to the podcast and its starts downloading.


I'm not sure that it is a Firefox problem. On my system, that link launched from both Firefox and IE 7 brings focus to iTunes and the podcast starts to download, but the view doesn't change. If I switch to the Podcasts page, the new podcast is listed there.

Strangely enough, if I go to iTunes and click "Advance > Subscribe to Podcast" and use that link, then the view does automatically change.

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