I have been working on a huge amount of pictures on my desktop PC from work, using Adobe Bridge to label them.

I now want to process them on my private laptop. Unfortunately, Photoshop CS5 is out of my price range, and I'm currently trying out Lightroom 4. However, when I import the pictures into Lightroom, the keywords and star ratings are visible, but my (color) labels and "rejected" statuses are not visible.

Is it possible to import images into Lightroom while retaining all the metadata from Bridge?


To facilitate the interaction between Bride and Lightroom it's possible to use the color labels from bridge by going in the Lightroom menu to

Metadata -> Color Label Set

And then choose

Bridge Default

I still lost the rejected status, but with my color labels back up and running, it's just a question of permanently deleting the rejected images before importing them into Lightroom and I'm good to go. Another solution for those that I don't want to delete just yet is to not use the rejected status but one of the color labels.

So the solution was in settings and in a slight adjustment of my work flow.

  • Actually the only thing you need to do to make Lightroom recognize Bridge Color Labels is to match them. Since they are just text labels assigned to colors in the interface, you can just set Bridge Preferences so that Red means "Remove", Green means "Good", and so on, and Lightroom will recognize them as long you create a Color Label Set with the same set of labels and activate it from the Metadata menu. This will also work the other way around, when you view in Bridge photos exported from Lightroom. – gerlos Feb 27 '17 at 18:34

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