In Firefox, if you have the Web Developer plugin installed you can view the cookies a particular site has setup in the browser.

Is there a way/plugin to do that in another of the other browsers?

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  • Well think of it this way, if people post a bunch of different answers for each browser then some smart person can compile them all and I'll mark that one as correct – Paul Sheldrake Sep 25 '09 at 19:06

CookieSpy is a free tool to view IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera cookies.

enter image description here


In Opera it is built-in, and you have two choices. The first is to use the super-useful site preferences dialog (found in the context menu):

alt text

The second is to use the cookie manager (Tools > Advanced > Cookies...), which lists every site and every cookie; you can quick search through it easily too.

And with either method, every cookie value is editable, so you can easily hack your cookies:

alt text

I also setup a custom mouse gesture where I draw a C on a page and I trigger a javacript function to show me the cookies in a dialog - this javascript should be usable on any browser:

javascript:alert('Cookies stored by this host or domain:\n\n' + document.cookie.replace(/; /g,'\n'));

Cookie Viewer - this Power Tool automatically scans your computer, looking for "cookies" created by Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape's Navigator and Mozilla Project's FireFox web browsers.

Free for non-commercial use only.

Display cookies accepted by the Safari for Windows web browser

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