Is it possible to make Firefox sync its own bookmarks (accessible from the "Bookmarks" menu) with the bookmarks on my phone (Galaxy S3 running Android 4.0), so that when I add a bookmark in Firefox on my PC it's there on my phone, and vice versa?

Researching this I thought it would be easy to find an add-on that does this, but I can't find one. I can find:

  1. add-ons that create their own bookmarks menu and syncs that to my Google account (which is presumably what I need to access them from my phone)

  2. add-ons that seem to sync Firefox' own bookmarks, but not with my Google account


yes, you can.. on Firefox latest browser you can sync between your pc and your device this is the help https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-a-device-to-firefox-sync#w_add-an-android-or-maemo-device

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