I have just installed a PC keyboard on my Mac Mini, everything is looking good, I swapped the keys Alt and Windows so that it's more natural for a Mac keyboard but I just can't get used to Alt Gr.

I need to use some Alt Gr + keys to get some specific keys on a non English keyboard. While this works as expected on a PC, e.g. Alt Gr2 to get the @ sign on the PC keybaord connected to the Mac then the Alt Gr acts like a Command key

Hence, to get an @ sign I have to use Alt2 and not Alt Gr2 — thus, can I remap Alt Gr to Alt?

I keep pressing the wrong key. I have to switch between Mac and PC keyboards.

  • I have the same problem and didn't find the answer (also the below though) – Maniankara Nov 12 '17 at 21:35

Get KeyRemap4MacBook or DoubleCommand

These keys are normally termed as Modifier Keys. Mac OSX does allow some modifications , to swap functionality etc, but does not allow to combine the functionality. You'll need to get one of the above add-ons to get it done.

Just for reference, will attach a screenshot of the default OSX key modifier functionality.
Mac OSX Modifier Keys

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