gawk -F\t works, but when it comes to sort, it fails. Under Linux or Cygwin, $'\t' will do it. However, to input a special key Tab, no way. Can anybody figure out a way?

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In PowerShell, the escape character is `. A string containing a tab can be written as


Thanks to fellows from Yahoo, Baidu and Stack Overflow, this tough problem is finally solved.

sort -t":" -k1 /var/log/accessfile

This statement give me a hint.

Now the answer is a combination of all tips.

  1. cmd /f:off
  2. sort -t"  "  -k16 foobar.txt 

    (the tab character is in double quotes)

foobar.txt is a text file with the tab separation.

The key is the double quotes ("").

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