I'm running Firefox 15 on two Firefox synced Windows computers. Is there a way to have the synced tabs open automatically? The only way to access the tabs from the other computer is to manually open them from the history menu (something I forget to do all the time). I have heard about xmarks, but recent reviews mention a hanging issue.

  • You can type about:sync-tabs in awesomebar/address bar of FF and here you go, but its manual. :P – avirk Jun 4 '13 at 4:12

The best option for your case would be to use Xmarks.

Well, Xmarks tries to reduce this headache and keeps your bookmarks online and can sync your bookmarks whereever you are, as it is an online bookmark tool. No need of exporting and importing bookmarks. All you have to do is install Xmarks and sync your profile. This works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Navigate to link and install the addon Xmarks-sync on Firefox.

Enable Open Tab

Manage your Open Tab settings:

  • Open Xmarks settings(Firefox > Tools > Xmarks > Xmarks Settings or press Ctrl + Shift + O).

  • Now Under Xmarks Settings Dialogue box click on Sync Tab and check Open Tabs: enter image description here

  • Enter a name for your computer into the text field: enter image description here

  • Click OK to save your settings and exit.

How to Sync Open Tabs

On Remote Computer access: Firefox > Tools > Xmarks > Open Remote Tabs or press Ctrl + Shift + Y.

enter image description here

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    This is a good solution, but one would think that with the built-in Sync that there might be a way for Firefox to do it without the added weight of an add-in. – jonsca Jun 3 '13 at 3:27

One workaround, which isn't automatic but at least reminds you to open the tabs of the other device is this:

In Preferences, General, set the Behaviour to "Show my home page" and the Home Page to about:sync-tabs, like this: enter image description here

Now, when you start Firefox, it'll present you with a list of tabs from the other device(s), you can select all of them and right-click "Open selected Tabs" (maybe click "Refresh" beforehand).

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