I'm creating a batch script for a class and I've hit a roadblock.

I have to list all text files whose names are up to seven characters long on the entire C: drive - make the listing output in a wide formant - then append to Batch script file output.txt.

So far I have -->

dir c:\*txt/w/o/s/p >>c:/"My Batch Script File Assigment"/"Output"/"Batch Script File Output Data".txt

The above does everything except limit the search to files with only 1-7 characters in their name.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!


If you want to list files that are between 1-7 chars long you use the "?" (question mark). The question mark represents only one unknown character. Examples:

List all the file names starting with D and comprising five or less chars, and any ext:

C>DIR C:D????.*

To copy all files beginning with S and an ext of two chars or less:

C>COPY S*.?? A:

Delete all files that have a single char filename with a doc ext from the root:

C:\>del ?.doc

Limit a search to the 1-7 character file name...

C:\> DIR ???????.txt

dir c:???????.txt/w/o/s/p >c:/"My Batch Script File Assigment"/"Output"/"Batch Script File Output Data".txt
  • Wow that's brilliant! Thanks for that, I was tearing my hair out over that question. – Jane Sep 4 '12 at 3:38

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