I am using Midnight Commander on Mac OS X (version 4.8.4)

I have two problems and I would be very glad if you can help me:


The binding for file extensions are set for Linux distribution. For example, if I try to open some jpg file:

/usr/local/Cellar/midnight-commander/4.8.4/libexec/mc/ext.d/image.sh: line 39: gqview: command not found

Has anyone gotten this binding file to work on Mac OSX? (open pdf file in Preview, etc)


I am used to so called "lynx-like movement" - to be able to enter a directory with only an arrow key (and to leave a directory with an arrow key). But this option is not in my MC (it is working on Ubunut's MC for ages...)


Start mc, click on Command and then on edit extension file (or F9, c, e). Then, for example, search (F7) for pdf and change

<------->Open=(xpdf %f &)


<------->Open=(open %f &)

How exit and save (F10). Changes are immediately applied.

open Starts Preview by default. Repeat this for all extensions you want te re-bind. As long as you agree with LaunchServices, you can use open. You can also just use any specific application.

Other usefull additions to mc.ext:

# PowerPoint
        Open=(open %f &)

# Word
        Open=(open %f &)

# Excel
        Open=(open %f &)

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