I'm developing an iPhone application on a Mac, and have many, many images which I need to scale down.

These images are of varying size, however, what I know is they must all be resized to 110x130, while maintaining the same aspect ratio.

I've tried every single Mac batch-image-scaler out there, and they all come with great options; however, they all return blurry images.

Using Preview to resize, my thumbnails are crisp and clear; the only issue is, there is no option to scale to a certain size while maintaining the aspect ratio. You can only specify one variable, either the height, or the width, not both. Again, I need my images to be precisely 110x130.

So to recapitulate, does anyone know of a program on a Mac which could let me batch resize images to a particular size, while keeping the same height to width ratio ?

  • ResizeMe, ThumbsUp, iResize, Automator, and Preview (which I still have some hope will work). – boopyman Sep 9 '12 at 22:11

You could also use ImageMagick (it can be installed with brew install imagemagick):

for f in *.png; do convert "$f" -filter lanczos2 -resize 110x130\> -extent 110x130 -gravity center "${f%.png}-small.png"; done

-resize 110x130\> makes images smaller so that they are at least 110x130, and -extent crops them. 110x130^ would also make images larger. The default filter for -resize is lanczos (3-lobe lanczos), but the 2-lobe lanczos makes images slightly less sharp.

This converts images to jpg and saves them to a different folder:

mogrify *.png -resize 110x130\> -extent 110x130 -gravity center -format jpg -quality 92 -path ~/Desktop/thumbnails


After trying around ten programs, I stumbled upon ResizeIt, in the Mac App Store, which seems to do the trick perfectly.

  • thanks!! this silly task seems to be enormoussly difficult on a mac.. i just lost an hour trying to get Automator to do this. and not only does it seem to have horrible shotcomings as far as configuration goes i couldnt even get it to work.. because the scale task was not finding the images. and all the utilities google turned up were terrible as well. – Sonic Soul Nov 17 '12 at 23:01

Give CropSize a try, it's a tool I developed to solve this exact problem. http://forge.zeunic.com/development/2013/cropsize-bulk-image-resize-and-cropping

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