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Auto-tagging MP3s

I have thousands of MP3 files and it is really messy all over place. Some in drive E and F. There are a lot of duplicates files in many different folders and incorrect/messy file names and even missing tags.

I am looking for a way to clean it all up and move music files in a folder with albums folders and fix file names, tags, etc. To get all organised and tidy?

Which software could do this?


I use MusicBrainz. It will fix your tags and organize your files in a customizable tree. The only thing I haven't been able to make it do is check and tag duplicate files.


I too had this issue and tried MusicBrainz "Picard". While it did an okay job, there were still a number of songs (almost half my collection) that had either missing or incorrect tags. In my experience, I found that there's really no substitute for going through your collection and updating this info manually.

I ended up using MediaMonkey. It allows you search for & apply tag data from Amazon's database, to one or more songs. It also allows you to embed the album art.

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