I use Dropbox on my Windows 7, OS X and on my mobile phone. Sometimes I see a file called .dropbox in my dropbox folders, can those files be deleted?

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Dropbox uses the .dropbox files as a tool to track the identity of a shared folder. When a shared folder is moved, and IF you haven't deleted the .dropbox file, dropbox recognizes the shared folder still, and it keeps it's shared property. If you have deleted the .dropbox files, then if you move the shared folder you will leave the shared folder.

So, if you want to keep it shared, keep it - if you don't, you can remove it.

Note that moving a shared folder implies that you move it within dropbox structure.

Also, they say that in previous version of dropbox there was a bug that .dropbox files existed in all directories, but that should've been fixed years ago.


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I have this .dropbox files too, I just delete them and never notice them again... Most of the time, the files will just normally sync with your other device.

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