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How can I find the alias that Ubuntu is using for a different text editor? Rather than using nano by typing nano file.txt, i'd like to be able to type sublime file.txt to open sublime editor. I don't know where to look to find these aliases.

sudo update-alternatives --config editor does not show it as a choice, I only see the 'default' editors, like Nano and vim.tiny.


If your file is identifiable as a text file then passing it to xdg-open will open it in your text editor. If it identifies as some other type though, it will open the file in the appropriate application instead.


xdg-mime query default <mimetype> will give you the .desktop file for the application associated with a MIME type. From there you need to parse the file to get the executable name from it.


you can use

export EDITOR=vim or nano or any editor name

or copy this line and write in .bashrc or .profile file

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