How do you add items to Google Chrome Tab Context Menu?

I would like to customize/add items to Google Chrome Tab Context Menu. I have looked through the API and I could not find how to do it. Is it possible to add functions to the tab context menu?

I would like to add options such as Bookmark Selected Tab, Close tab to the left to the Tab Context Menu.

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    You may want to edit your question to include information of your OS, the version of Chrome and the link to the extension so that people don't have to search the internet to answer your question. – user151227 Sep 14 '12 at 5:16

What is Google Chrome Tab? Do you mean the context-menu when you right-click a tab? If so, then there is no way to do it short of either hacking Chrome or getting a copy of the Chromium sources, modifying it, and compiling.

Themes and extensions are limited in what they can do with the actual chrome of the browser. For example, while they can add items to a page’s context-menu item, they cannot add one to the context-menus of the non-client areas such as the tabs or Wrench menu; they cannot even modify the dimensions of tabs, toolbars, etc.

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