When my IRC connection drops for whatever reason I am frequently logged back in as a ghost with the underscore after my registered nick.

What are the sequence of IRC commands to get logged back in as my original user when I am currently ghost?

If I just do /msg NickServ identify user pwd it says I am now identified for user but the channels still have me down as the ghosted user. How do I switch?

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You "ghost" a nick you own once you are identified as the same account as that nick with the following:

/msg nickserv ghost nickname

This will "ghost" (kill) your original nickname, which frees up that nick so you can do

/nick nickname

to change your nick again.

(In some networks (e.g. Freenode), you can use /msg nickserv regain nickname which does both actions at once.)

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    On irc.mozilla.org, I used /msg nickserv recover nickname.
    – glyn
    Commented Jun 28, 2017 at 3:26

Preferred answer is actually wrong for oftc. The correct answer is:

/msg nickserv ghost <registered nick> <registered password>

You should then see a message somewhat like this:

>nickserv< ghost ****
* <registered nick> is now known as Guest4341
-NickServ- REGAIN succeed on nickname <registered nick>.  You have been changed to your nickname.

And that's it. Of course not every network has a service called "nickserv" so adjust to your network!

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