In MacOS X it is possible to have spellcheck OS wide for all applications where you have an input. Is something similar possible with Ubuntu? So that I have spellcheck for e.g. skype?


I don't think there is anything approaching this functionality yet available on Ubuntu. It's been proposed time and again on ubuntu brainstorm, and these suggestions have been collected under this idea: Idea #364: More comprehensive dictionary program. (Check the duplicates assigned to this idea).

Check this post to see a rigged up implementation with the same goal in mind.

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Looks like I am unable to just add a comment and this'll go in here as a new post to the thread. :-(

I tried to use nagul's link, to see Idea #364, but that site brainstorm.ubuntu.com is apparently shut-down. I found this answer, regarding the issue:

Ubuntu Brainstorm site down/dead?

P.S. So far, I've gotten to here and I'm not sure whether there is something better && so, still looking.

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