My win7 starts up pretty slow lately.

I think it's some kind of malware, but my antivirus software doesn't pick up anything.

How could i monitor the startup processes myself? It seems to me like either something's doing a lot of work, or some important windows process hangs for a while, since there's stuff that i can do while it's starting (like start a console), and stuff that i can't do (like execute the systeminfo command in the console)

So if you happen to know how i can monitor my system, that would be great.

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Autoruns is a good tool to find out what is loaded on startup, but it's not fully suited for troubleshooting startup performance issues. Not all by itself, that is. I'd suggest using Process Monitor as well, with boot logging enabled. Also you should check the performance diagnostics eventlog (Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\Diagnostics-Performance\Operational) for events with ID 100. See here for a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

Use Autoruns, it shows a complete list of services and processes which are scheduled to run at start up. It also allows you to disable any process from auto start.

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