I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate a week ago. Yesterday I've noticed that the SP1 update is available. After installation of SP1 the computer failed to start, and had shown a black screen. I couldn't even go to safe mode and F8 didn't help.

After some fixing attempts including system restore, startup repair, bootmgr & BCD rebuilding from CMD, I have decided to reinstall Windows (after all, it's only a week old)

After the successful installation, I have decided to first install all available updates before I continue. So after the updates download & installation, the computer rebooted. And now I didn't see the black screen again - but in the "Starting Windows..." screen the logo didn't appear and the system didn't startup. Here I could go to safe mode selection window, but it didn't work either ("Loading Windows Files" but nothing).

I've also tried:

  • I thought that the CD was corrupted, so I've used a fresh new disk of Windows, tried x86 & x64 versions, the same symptoms, no change.
  • Reset the BIOS to default, no change.
  • Memory diagnostic
  • HDD diagnostic
  • Restarted Windows WITHOUT INSTALLING UPDATES, but it had the same symptom, so maybe Windows Update is not the case?!

I've tried installing it so many times - that I am simply stuck - I can't "reinstall Windows, because it is corrupted...". Maybe the HDD is corrupted? I've also checked it and didn't find a problem.


Have you tried installing using Windows 7 SP1 media (instead of updating to SP1 after installing Windows 7)? If you don't have access to it, maybe slipstreaming using a tutorial like this or this will help.

Tip: Use a USB stick for installing. Much faster than a DVD and is easy to modify (say if you want to slipstream other updates as well).

  • Yeah, I've also tried using an SP1-integrated media, no change, when I install other updates it still fails to start... But thanks about the idea for using USB! That's new for me – Nadav S. Sep 20 '12 at 13:34
  • @Nadav: Yes, you can use the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, and it should work for Windows 8 as well. – Karan Sep 20 '12 at 15:02

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