I'm trying to change some keyboard shortcuts like the power-button and + . I know that my WM (Window Manager) handle part of the shortcuts, but and power-button shortcuts aren't mapped in any of my WM shortcuts files (at least I didn't find any of those).

I think "someone" in a lower level (maybe the kernel? I don't know) is listening the keyboard, because even in text mode (without running my WM), and power-button still work (like, I can +/- the screen brightness, I can toggle wireless on/off and so on (except for the sound, those are handled by the WM).

So, my question is: Who are (usually) all the possible listeners of the keyboard in the system? And where are the configuration files?

Some system information:

  • Notebook Asus eee-pc 1201n

  • Slackware 14.0

  • Linux 3.2.28

  • Fluxbox WM


There are a few of them please take a look at

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