A while back I set my computer up to sync folders on a shared network drive. I didn't choose my folders carefully and ended up with a huge amount of files to sync, which took forever. I would like to stop sync on those folders, then later select some smaller subfolders to sync. I believe this means I first must delete the existing sync partnerships, but there is no "Delete" option when I list them in Sync Center.

How can I delete existing sync partnerships?


Select the root folder of the sync relationship in Explorer, open its properties. In the Offline Files tab, untick the box.


To end a sync partnership:

Open Sync Center by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Sync Center.

Right-click the sync partnership that you want to end, and then click Delete.


Here is what worked for me, but may not require all the steps I did. This is for Windows 7.

  1. Do the registry edit described by IAmConfused here. Reboot.
  2. Go to this link and follow CyMel's instructions for disabling Offline Files, reboot, then follow Marilyn O's instructions for changing permissions on the folder, then manually deleting the sync partnership. Reboot.
  3. I then started new sync partnerships by right clicking on the (smaller) folders I wanted to sync, then choosing 'Make available offline'.
  4. The initial sync of these new folders took over 24 hours without completing, so I checked and realized I was trying to sync over 40 GB of data.
  5. I again deleted the syncs, selected my folders carefully so only the most essential were included, and the sync now completes fast.

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