I am wondering if there is a program out there that allows you to set up two different wallpapers on dual monitors that change periodically.

Windows 7 has a built in feature that allows you to change wallpapers automatically (using any folder you specify as the source of images), but it only sets up one image on both monitors, I want two different images at the same time that keep changing.

  • possible duplicate of How do I get different background images on my dual monitors? – user3463 Sep 24 '12 at 3:49
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    Not exactly a duplicate. This question is not simply about getting both monitors to show different monitors; it is also about getting them to change wallpapers automatically, independently from each other. – bwDraco Sep 24 '12 at 5:20

Check out the awesome DisplayFusion app. The associated WallpaperFusion site is a great source of multi-monitor wallpapers, as of course is InterfaceLift.

Edit: Check out this thread for some other great app suggestions, as well as a clever trick to accomplish this without 3rd party apps (by using a set of joined images where each half will appear on one monitor).

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I tried Display Fusion. I like this one better: http://wallpaperman.sourceforge.net/ It's a bit less naggy.

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