I have a MacBook pro with a mini-display port, I have a Dell 2709W display with a DisplayPort (not mini). I cannot for the life of me find a cable or adapter for sale in the UK that will let me plug a mini-display port into a display port.

Ideally I'd be after a cable that just has a mini plug on one end, and a full size plug on the other.

I've seen lots of Mini-displayport to HDMI adapters around, but I don't want one of these.

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You can find some here for 15$ + about 12$ for shipping to the UK. Here's what the first reviewer says:

Works like a charm with 17" MBP mid 2009 and Dell 2709W - nothing more to add


I found a place in the UK selling these, finally, Alex's tip led me to find it.

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter Cable: Lindy UK

I'll award this best answer as it answers the question, but give an up-vote to Alex, thanks!

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