Is there a graphical tool for Windows or Linux to show and plot detailed folder statistics?
For instance how much % of the space is allocated to images, multimedia, text,...?

Free software is preferred, but commercial solutions are also sought out. Command line tools or scripts are welcome too.

Update (Dec '12): Salamander Commander offers such functionality on Windows through "DiskMap":

enter image description here

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This is the best tool for that:


On start up, it reads the whole directory tree once and then presents it in three useful views:

  • The directory list, which resembles the tree view of the Windows Explorer but is sorted by file/subtree size,
  • The treemap, which shows the whole contents of the directory tree straight away,
  • The extension list, which serves as a legend and shows statistics about the file types.

On the right hand side shows how much space is taken up by file types:

enter image description here

  • good pointer. Fast software. I am missing a reporting feature though. It would be great if one could select and group some of the results. (PS: I included linux software as criteria as well, and apologize for that)... meanwhile I am using windirstat. Sep 26, 2012 at 15:28

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