I am plotting a line chart which is a time series. After a certain period of time, the time series shows #NUM! How can I get excel to ignore the #NUM! and plot nothing. Currently, it plots all values of #NUM! as zero which makes my chart inaccurate.


Consider using =IFERROR(A1,NA()). This will replace all error values with NA(), which Excel will automatically skip giving you a gap.

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    NA() or #N/A does not leave a gap. It prevents drawing a marker, but if the other points are connected by a line, Excel draws a line between the points on either side of the #N/A. – Jon Peltier Nov 27 '12 at 20:48

You can setup a graph to handle missing data, but not to handle faultive data.


So, to solve this you should protect your time-series with a code like:


Whereby A1 would be your "raw" data and B1 is the cell/column which you will have to use as chart-input.

enter image description here

  • how do i get to hidden and empty cell settings? – daysandtimes Sep 27 '12 at 14:49
  • choose 'select data source' or so, after a right-click into your chart, then the button at the lft-bottom – Jook Sep 27 '12 at 14:53
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    "" is interpreted by Excel as text, and is assigned a value of zero. If you don't want a point at zero, use NA() in the formula instead of "". This puts the ugly #N/A into the cell, but it is not plotted with a point. If the points are connected by lines, a line is drawn connecting the points on either side of the #N/A. – Jon Peltier Nov 27 '12 at 20:50

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