Every time I plug in my USB memory stick, Dropbox instantly starts scanning for and uploading photos from it. I do not want it to do this and I want to get a Windows prompt upon any media being plugged into my computer.

I tried checking the Dropbox setting for an option, however it only links to Windows' autoplay control panel.

Dropbox Settings Window

When changing any setting in the Windows autoplay settings, it willrevert back to Dropbox being default immediatly after I have saved it.

Windows Autoplay Settings

How can I change this so that it will ask me what I want to do every time?

EDIT: This is the case on both of my Windows computers.

EDIT2: Disabling AutoPlay solves the problem but is not an ideal solution.


This is how I changed my AutoPlay settings back.

Make sure "Mixed content" (and anything else autoplay with "Import pictures and videos using Dropbox") is set as "Take no action":

enter image description here

Also, setting "Mixed content" to "Take no action" will keep AutoPlay from opening when inserting a USB drive without disabling AutoPlay.

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  • That field was still affected by the original bug. – njallam Dec 18 '12 at 6:46

Ever since a recent update to Dropbox. This problem has no longer been occurring. I can successfully change the autoplay settings for Camera Upload's media types without them being reverted back.

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  • Unfortunately, Dropbox puts itself as default selected option on the autorun choices prompt, which is actually just as annoying. – Nyerguds Apr 27 '15 at 6:33

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