I am trying to make a GIF from a set of PNGs (files like f0010.png).

convert *0.png out.gif

The GIF is coming out strange -- not looking like the PNGs, cutoff, stuff missing, etc. I tried also extracting the frames from the GIF (using convert).

convert out.gif frames%05d.png

The extracted frames look just like the originals. Then I tried making a GIF from the extracted frames.

convert frames*.png out2.gif

Same strange GIF! Huh?



Equivalent extracted:

Equivalent extracted from GIF

The GIF:



I know how to make a gif from a set of JPG. I use imagemagick. Maybe this can help you

Converting from JPGs pictures to animated GIF

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    I still get the same cut-off image. – abalter Oct 2 '12 at 17:12

I think I found the solution. I was trying to create the gif in GIMP, and it told me that the image border was beyond the extent (or the other way around, can't remember). So, I did:

convert *0.jpg -gravity center -extent 1024x1024 out.gif

and it now displays properly. I chose the 1024x1024 basically at random. I have not yet figured out how to determine the border size and extent, but I'm sure a simple google search would tell me.

In any case, that convert made it work.

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