I set up a Microsoft Exchange account on my iOS device to sync my Gmail contacts. But Microsoft Exchange is ignoring phone numbers that are labeled as 'iPhone' or 'main'.

For example, John Smith:

On Mac and Gmail:

John Smith
main: 123-334-1212
home: 123-330-1002
work: 123-330-8211
iPhone: 123-778-5556

On iOS device (via Exchange sync):

John Smith
home: 123-330-1002
work: 123-330-8211

I'd like to sync my contacts from my Mac to iCloud and Gmail, but you can't do both:


Is there a solution to sync iOS and Gmail contacts without using Exchange? Thanks for any help!


Great timing for this question. Google just announced that they have enabled CardDAV syncing for Google contacts. Visit the Google support forum page to enable it. Optionally, you can follow the copy-pasted instructions below:

  1. Open the Settings application on your device.
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Select Add Account...
  4. Select Other
  5. Select Add CardDAV Account
  6. Fill out your account information in the following fields:
    • Server: Enter "google.com"
    • User Name: Enter your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.
    • Password: Your Google Account or Google Apps password. (If you’ve enabled 2 Step verification, you’ll need to generate and enter an application specific password.)
    • Description: Enter a description of the account (e.g. Personal Contacts).
  7. Select Next at the top of your screen.
  8. Make sure that the "Contacts" option is turned to ON.
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