I have imported a .EPF Eclipse preferences file from here via File > Import > General > Preferences. The preferences file changes the colorization for the TeXlipse editor.

How do I remove/reverse the changes that this .EPF import has made?


You can reverse these theme color changes in one of two ways:

GUI Method

  • Short Instructions: Navigate to Window -> Preferences. In the popup that is displayed, expand the menu for the language you're interested in (in this example, it will be Java). Navigate to Java -> Editor -> Syntax Coloring. Click the Restore Defaults button. Click the Apply button.
  • Step-by-step:
    1. Click on the Window button on the toolbar.
    2. Select the Preferences option from the subsequent drop-down menu.
    3. In the window that is displayed next, click on the arrow to the left of Java (or whatever language you are interested in changing the settings for).
    4. Click on the arrow to the left of the subsequent Editor option.
    5. Click on the subsequent Syntax Coloring option.
    6. At the bottom right of the window, click the Restore Defaults button.
    7. Next to it, click the Apply button.
    8. The default coloration for this language should now be restored. If it's not, you can try the second method.



restore defaults

Direct Method

Your preferences are stored in a directory in the workspace. Its relative path is .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings. If you delete everything in this directory and restart Eclipse, all settings will be reverted to their default values. (Note: all settings, not just necessarily the ones you're interested in.) Alternatively, you can try deleting specific .prefs files in an attempt to isolate the specific preferences to reset (for example, org.eclipse.ui.prefs and org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs seem promising, but I haven't tested this).

Also, since these preferences are workspace-specific, you can simply create a new workspace and move your existing projects to it.


I didn't manage to directly reverse the effects of the import but to change the colorization I downloaded the Eclipse Colorer plugin which worked a treat.

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