This is more 'merely competent user' than 'super user' but how does one create a bookmark to a URL in Safari?

If I have a URL to a download (i.e. a resource with a MIME type that causes a download rather than displaying the content in the browser) I cannot see a way to add a bookmark for that.

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You have several options:

Copy Address from Download

Open the Downloads popup window in Safari, right-click the download file, and select Copy Address. Select Bookmarks » Show All Bookmarks, and press Cmd-V to paste the URL and create a bookmark for it.

 Edit an existing bookmark

Just replace the URL of an existing bookmark.

 Drag & drop a link to it, or its URL as text

If you have a link to the file, or just its URL as text, you can drag & drop it onto the Bookmarks Bar and create a bookmark there, or onto a window showing all bookmarks, adding it to the selected folder.

This should work for links in most applications, e.g. from Mail as well.


Add bookmark to any (dummy) page, then go to bookmark collection and edit the address (URL) of the dummy page and replace it with download URL.

I have no experience with Safari, but in Chrome there's a Bookmark bar, and to add any URL (if its displayed as a hyperlink on the page) can be dragged and dropped to that bar to add as bookmark.

  • Yes, this rings a bell, I think I have actually done this before (the editing an existing bookmark 'hack'). Oct 2, 2012 at 12:24

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