I want to access my ftp server over the internet. I run it on Debian, I changed the port to 201, and my local ip is

I can access it from any computer on my network through I see the login page, I login with my linux user account and can see my files.

To make it public, I setup a port mapping on my router for port 201. However now, when I try ftp://mypublicip:201, it shows me the login page, but when I enter the login, it keeps loading forever without showing my files.

Strangely, when I run it over the default port (21), it works fine.

Can anyone tell me what is the problem here?


First off, don't use ftp. It is insecure and really crappy (who needs 30 ports to transfer a file?) The problem you're seeing is most likely due to the fact that ftp uses multiple ports. One for the connection, a second (or third, fourth, etc) for data transfers. This includes transfers of file lists.

The other possibility is that the browser is dropping the port reference. Internet Explorer has a really bad habit of this. Once you log in, many times it renames the URL from ftp://user:pass@host to just ftp://host and then since the URL doesn't specify a name or pass any longer, attempts to log you in anonymously. The same could be happening with the port, but I don't know about the browser you're using and if that's a possibility.

My suggestion is to NOT USE FTP first off. Use ssh. It's encrypted. FTP is sending your password over the public internet in plain text, just FYI. I recommend the below URL for other reasons.


  • i solved it i map port range 8000 to 8010 from my router and then configure the ftp server to use these passive range for data transfer, I will search about ssh i do not know any thing about it thank you – امير طارق Oct 4 '12 at 9:07

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