I want to know all the dependent rpms including recursive of a particular rpm. Is it possible?

I know that in rpm there is an option -R,--require to now the dependency of an rpm. But I want to know even the dependency of dependent rpms.

for eg:

rpm -qR x.rpm


a will in turn dependent on p,q,r. How do I know that?


The solution is to use rpmgraph.

man rpmgraph:

       rpmgraph - Display RPM Package Dependency Graph

       rpmgraph PACKAGE_FILE ...

       rpmgraph  uses  PACKAGE_FILE  arguments  to generate a package dependency graph. 
       Each PACKAGE_FILE argument is read and added to an rpm transaction set. The 
       elements of the transaction set are partially ordered using a topological sort. 
       The partially ordered elements are then printed  to  standard output.
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    Just a note that the rpmgraph command is part of the Red Hat rpm-devel package. So, that package needs to be installed in order to use the rpmgraph command. – ZaSter Feb 20 '13 at 23:55

rpm -q --whatrequires

I am wondering if this can be done , without installing package and same for build-dependencies, using zypper etc

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