I have a set of files that are named in the vein of "some_file-nameN", where N is a number starting at 1, incrementing, and ending somewhere between 10 and 30. I now need to insert a file at the start. How can I increment the number of the file using ZMV and ZSH?


Starting from the directory containing the files, and assuming the range is 1 to 30:

for n in {30..1};
mv some_file-name$n some_file-name$(( $n+1 ))
  • worked for me--thanks for posting. It looks like zmv doesn't provide this feature. – Paul Oliver Jul 16 '14 at 2:28

Of course zsh can do it.

zmv '(some_file_name)(<->)' '$1$(($2 + 1))'

This should work for any number of files.

  • This would overwrite FILE2 with the contents of FILE1, then overwrite FILE3 with the contents of FILE2, and so on, leaving you with a single file. As such, it actually returns an error: % ls FILE1 FILE2 FILE3 FILE4 FILE5 FILE6 FILE7 FILE8 FILE9 % cat * FILE1 FILE2 FILE3 ... % zmv -n '(FILE)(<->)' '$1$(($2 + 1))' zmv: error(s) in substitution: file exists: FILE2 file exists: FILE3 ... – Dave Mar 31 at 0:11

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